Basic Obedience Class  June 17th – July 22nd (Monday’s – 7:00-8:00pm)

In our basic obedience class, canine communication, behavior and health care are discussed.  The method used is based upon the dog’s natural drives, instincts, and their own way of communicating.  Some of the commands covered include sit, down, stay, come heel, shake and roll over as well as other fun tricks you can do with your dog.  Potty training, kennel training, biting and jumping are also reviewed as well as an intro to socialization skills with people and other dogs of all sizes and personalities.

Requirements:  Dogs must be at least 4 months old and finished with their initial series of vaccinations.  This class is intended for dogs that are human and dog friendly.  If you do have an aggressive dog, please contact Leeanne Anderson directly for private sessions @ 801-376-9248


Leanne Anderson is a canine Behaviorist and Dog Trainer who has helped countless dogs and their humans over the years. She started her career in dog training and canine behavior 26 years ago as an apprentice under an accomplished trainer, Rick Comstock of Pets for Protection in Orem Utah. There she started to learn canine behavior, obedience, protection, and schutzhund training. She also worked for Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue Dogs where she excelled in avalanche, wilderness, disaster and water rescue. Over the years, Leanne has continued to be fascinated by and to study canine behavior and communication and started implementing her own method of training and behavior modification.  She has helped with everything from aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive behaviors, confidence and trust issues to basic manners. She found her methods to be much more effective, cohesive and humane than many of the traditional methods of training. Leanne has also trained diabetic alert dogs, dogs for the deaf, dogs for the blind, service dogs for those in in wheelchairs, dog for vets with PTSD, and many other types of service and therapy dogs.  She was also asked to help train the Utah County Sheriff’s Bloodhound tracker.  Her passion and joy is in teaching people all about their dogs and how they can have a harmonious mutually beneficial relationship.

Cost is $140 for the 6-week course (reservations can be made online or by calling us directly)