Nothing but the best for our guests! Our non-traditional lodging rooms were designed using sustainable, recycled material that is scratch and stain resistant. Our studio units (4 x 6) are perfect for one or two small dogs. The deluxe suites (6 x 8) were created to accommodate guests that need a little extra room or families with several dogs.

All rooms offer climate controlled heating and cooling, comfortable elevated bedding, soft lighting and music. No fences or cages in any of our lodging offerings and our guests receive four to six hours of active play. A carefully selected couple lives on the premises providing on-site care 24 hours/7 days a week.

In addition, we offer the following services great for dogs that may need a little extra exercise or one-on-one time:

Hikes: Whether your pup is boarding with us, here for daycare, or just needing a bit more exercise before a spa day in grooming, DOGINWALKS is ready to take your exercise experience to the next level. Be it alone, or in a small group setting, one of our highly trained dog walking professionals is ready to take your furry loved one on a leisurely stroll amongst the hills and trails that surround our facility on either a 30 minute or 60 minute session. Finish it off with head rubs and belly scratches along with a cookie by Park City Barkery, and you definitely won’t be in the dog house with your pup!

Turn Down Service: If you can’t be here to tuck in your baby, wouldn’t it be great to get a nightly picture of them being put to bed with a cozy blanket (that we will provide) and a cookie from Park City Barkery? The service also comes with our world famous head scratches and belly rubs (we may sneak in a kiss or two as well)! Since adding this service on it has been the highlight to several of our clients’ vacations!

One on One Time: Is your pup the kind of kiddo that would really benefit from some individual play time or just some extra snuggles? Say no more, we can do that! Whether you want some individual playtime outside in the yard with a ball or just a little hang out time in their room, we will provide that individualized attention your dog needs.

Canine guests must be current on the following vaccinations:  Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella and Canine Influenza.  Feline guests must be current on the following vaccinations:  Rabies, FVRCP and FeLV.